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Is your CPA firm ready for the next level?

Have you thought about formalizing financial planning in your CPA practice? CPAs follow a strict code of conduct that requires you to act with integrity, objectivity, and competence at all times; a code that we live by. We are uniquely positioned to teach you how to build out a Personal Financial Planning division under your roof.

Adding Personal Financial Planning to your practice will allow you to:

Increase revenue and convert that revenue to a residual income stream.

Attract more affluent clients.

Add more value to your existing client base.

Get your time back

We want to make sure our partnership with your firm is a great match for all parties involved. The first step is to schedule a call with our advisor team so we can learn more about each other.

We Can Teach You How To:

Transition your accounting clients to financial services clients

Provide rigorous, hard-nosed, and efficacious financial planning for your clients

Manage a financial services practice within a CPA firm

Developing business and marketing plans for your financial services practice

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