We Are Proud To Be Independent Fee-Only Fiduciary Financial Planners

Here’s what that means for you..

Beacon Financial Planning uses a fee structure to provide high levels of service at a reasonable cost. Our structure enables you to know what the fee is up-front and allows you to call us anytime with questions. In addition, we meet as needed depending on your specific needs.

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“We Exist For Our Clients”

Our Approach To Fees


We don't just provide unbiased financial guidance - Our Fee-Only model allows us to work for YOU, without any conflict of interest! We engage all necessary vendors based solely on their abilities and price, and will never accept commissions.

Full Disclosure

We want you to know exactly what's going on, so we provide a full, simple and transparent disclosure of all our fees and services provided.


We are committed to a fiduciary relationship that ensures your interest is always paramount and foremost in all of our actions. Our focus on achieving excellent outcomes for you will ensure peace of mind as you plan for your future.

Revenue Neutral

We make no more or less money regardless of the investment options selected, eliminating any incentive to be anything other than fully objective in our advice to you.

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