Beacon Financial planning's Investment Philosophy

There is a model of investing based not on speculation but on the science of capital markets and the science of investor behavior. Decades of academic, peer-reviewed research guides the way. Over time, an approach focused on the factors that investors can control, based on financial science and the efficacy of capital markets will result in success with a higher reliability than an approach based on instinct and prophecy.  Our mission here at Beacon Financial Planning, LLC is to deliver the performance of capital markets to our clients and increase returns through state-of-the-art portfolio design.

Although it seems almost counterintuitive, the most important investment decision you’ll make is not the specific investments you select, it’s your asset allocation—that is, the mix of stocks, bonds, and cash. Diversification is the closest thing there is to a free lunch.  Proper diversification increases the likelihood of earning expected returns and may reduce risk by eliminating risks you are not paid for taking.

You cannot regard an approach based on short-term trends or performance as an “investment philosophy.” The risk of price declines in the stock and bond markets is too significant to hazard money that you will need for short-term goals. Therefore, consider as an investment only money that you won’t need for a minimum of five years, preferably ten to fifteen.

All investors in aggregate form the market.  Therefore, it must be the case that the average investor earns the market rate of return less fees and expenses.  Managing costs (management fees, operating costs, trading costs, taxes, etc.) allows investors to capture more of the capital market return that is there for the taking.  Keeping costs down puts the odds of success in your favor.

Capital markets are not perfect and prices are not always right, but markets are so competitive that it is unlikely an investor can systematically profit from mistakes in the market at the expense of other investors.

Following decades of empirical investigation of capital markets by literally thousands of financial economists, there is no widely accepted and conclusive evidence that market timing works.  A successful timing strategy requires three correct decisions: when to get in, when to get out, and when to get back in again.  When timing between stocks and cash, for example, the frequency of correct decisions must also be high enough to overcome the higher expected returns of stocks versus cash.  The success rate required to beat a buy-and-hold strategy is unattainable for most investors.

Markets are drawn to a state of equilibrium where risk and return are related.  Only non-diversifiable risks are rewarded with higher expected returns.

Comprehensive Financial Planning Is our Passion

Comprehensive financial planning involves the detailed review and analysis of all facets of your financial situation including cash flow, retirement planning, risk management, investment management, tax management, and estate planning.  It is only through comprehensive analysis that your true financial condition can be determined and the proper plan can be recommended.

Core Values


We require the highest standards of proficiency in the industry from our staff.


We practice a holistic, results-orient approach to designing and servicing your retirement plan.


We use a Fee-Only model to facilitate your receiving objective advice that is in your best interests. We will hire service providers and vendors solely based on their abilities and price, and will not accept hidden commissions, kick-backs, soft-dollars, or quid pro quos. Furthermore, we will not accept gifts from service providers and vendors.

Complete Disclosure

We provide a full, simple, and transparent disclosure and explanation of all fees and potential conflicts of interest.


We are committed to a fiduciary relationship that ensures the your interest is always paramount.

Planning Today For A Better Tomorrow

Our Pledge

When you work with Beacon Financial Planning LLC, we promise to:

  • Put your interests first at all times.
  • Invest our personal assets alongside yours.
  • Manage your investments with prudence, a long-term perspective, and the goal of providing returns that are consistently better than those of competitors.
  • Adhere to the highest standards of ethical behavior and fiduciary responsibility.
  • Strive to be the highest-value provider of investment services by offering outstanding performance and service.
  • Communicate candidly with you about investment risks and costs, as well as potential rewards, in keeping with our “plain talk” philosophy.
  • Maintain highly effective controls to protect your assets and confidential information.
  • Employ a talented, diligent, and diverse crew to ensure your money and your needs are well cared for.
  • Adapt, evolve, and continuously improve, because you should expect excellence in all that we do.

“The ability to do what you want, when you want, for as long as you want has an infinite ROI.” –Morgan Housel

Our Code

Beacon Financial Planning is an independent, fee-only Registered Investment Advisor. We offer comprehensive services to help clients reach their goals and plan for the future. Our team of advisors are committed to providing unbiased advice in all areas of personal finance, including retirement planning, investment management, insurance and estate planning.

Straight forward service contracts that clearly outline our responsibilities, including service guarantees.

Taking 100% responsibility — including fiduciary responsibility where applicable.

Disclosure of all revenue to our clients the shunning of all soft-dollars or marketing kick-backs.

Telling the truth in every situation. Also we will never misrepresent our services and abilities.

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